Facebook launching Social Audio

Facebook launching Social Audio

The hottest trend in social media at the moment seems to be audio. With Clubhouse launching last year and Twitter launching Twitter Spaces, Facebook has announced they will be bring social audio to its platform.

Facebook have already been in the audio space with WhatsApp and with audio calls on Facebook Messenger — now they’re building is a set of new audio creation tools.

Main takeaways:

– You will be able to use music from Facebook’s Sound Collection in the background of your story to set the tone. 

– You will have the ability to mix audio tracks, a growing collection of sound effects, voice effects and filters

– These audio creation tools will enable you to create Soundbites, short-form, creative audio clips for capturing anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration, poems

– Podcasts are also coming to Facebook

– Facebook will also start testing Live Audio Rooms and expect it to be available to everyone on the Facebook app by the summer

– They are also introducing multiple ways for audio creators to build their business while pursuing their passion with monetisation opportunities

So if you haven’t tried audio content yet, now is the time to start.

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