Facebook Removes Restrictions on Text Content in Facebook Ad Images.

Facebook Removes Restrictions on Text Content in Facebook Ad Images.

This may seem like a small thing, but for Facebook advertisers, this is a welcome change. The restriction has caused headaches for advertisers when having to reformat their advertising campaigns images just to fit with Facebook’s strict rules. 

The platform is currently in the process of updating its documentation to reflect this update – on the Facebook Help page about the text in ad images.

Facebook maintains over the years that Facebook and Instagram users dislike ads with too much text in the main image. To improve the general user experience, it decided to restrict the use of text in images.

In 2018 Facebook enabled marketers to include more text in their ads, but their ad reach would be restricted as a result, relative to how much you exceeded the limit.

Apparently, this new update removes any reach restriction for this. As you can see in the official explanation, Facebook still maintains that ad images with less than 20% text perform better, and recommends that advertisers “keep your text short, clear and concise to get your message across effectively”.

If you do decide to include more text in your ad image, your ad will run, and could theoretically reach just as many people as any other campaign. Time will tell if your ad is effective, but at least you can decide for yourself how much text you use.

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