How to Become a Media Magnet in 5 Practical Steps – Monica Rosenfeld

How to Become a Media Magnet in 5 Practical Steps – Monica Rosenfeld

Monica is the managing director of WordStorm PR, a boutique-sized PR agency. She founded in 2000 after working as a producer for Channel Nine’s Current Affair. Monica has worked with hundreds of businesses over the past 20 years, increasing their credibility, trust and bottom line by putting their brand in the media spotlight. Monica is passionate about educating businesses on using the media’s thirst for content for their advantage and demystifying the media’s methods to create content. Monica has presented to a wide range of audiences, including business conferences, industry expos, tech accelerators, incubators, business enterprise centres, and networking groups. Her tips on how to become a Media Magnet in 5 practical steps will help lift your business profile and give your brand that media awareness we all attain to.

Firstly, not what to do. It is no point going to a journalist or a media outlet and saying, “I have a fantastic business, why don’t you do a story about it. Why don’t you do a story about it? You need to understand there are two sides to the media. There’s the journalism side and the advertising side. Now the media cannot exist without the advertising side and the money it provides. The advertisers pay the dollars that keep the business alive. Advertisers are absolutely essential, but nobody will watch, read or listen to a media outlet covering essentially business adverts. That’s where the journalist comes in. The journalist’s role is to produce content that will add value to and engage the audience to keep the audience coming back for more and attract new audiences. This will then support advertisers paying and attract new businesses that will want to advertise.

What you need to remember is the journalist isn’t producing an ad. What they’re creating is a story, a newsworthy story. What makes it newsworthy is that it will add value to or engage their audience. That’s the role of the journalist. They do not care about promoting your brand whatsoever. They care about putting out quality stories that resonate with their audience. We need to think about what they are looking for and learn to cultivate a media mindset. Learn the language of the journalist. They are looking for stories of immediate relevance, interest, and importance owing to their relation to current events. 

Here are the 5 practical steps in becoming a Media Magnet to help your business increase its profile.

  1. Create bite-sized, digestible Top 5 lists to make it easier for the journalist to present to an audience. Top 5 trends, how-tos, tips so that the audience feels like they have learnt something of value in a timely fashion. You’re reading a top 5 right now, so it works.
  2. Data and stats, media love statistics because a good old stat at the front of the article at the top of an article makes the journalists look like they’ve done some research. You can research stats that someone else has done and definitely credit them, as you will be the one getting the kudos because you’re commenting on the implications of that statistic as an expert in that field. You are creating that persona of credible authority in your industry.
  3. Awareness days, there’s an awareness day for just about everything every day, week, a month of the year. Let your fingers do the Googling. You’ll find them in five minutes. You know, there are quite a few sites that’ll come up straight away and then have a look at the awareness days and which awareness day you can sort of leap onto and lay your expertise over that day. The awareness day is the hook. The journalist needs to run your story on that day or that week, or that month. It’s a perfect hook because journalists want to produce content around what’s going on globally. Go to them and say, Hey, it’s sleep awareness week this week, I’m a sleep expert, and I can talk about it.
  4. The business story being entrepreneurs. I can bet you’ve all got some fascinating tales to tell about why you’re doing what you’re doing. So think about what inspired you to start your business. What challenges have you overcome? Um, what, you know, what’s the biggest mistake you might’ve made and how did you learn from it and how, what can you teach on this? So they want to know more than the fact that you just. You have a great business. You’re turning over squillions, and you’re just growing from year to year because that’s just boring. As consumers, we want to see a bit of vulnerability in people, that’s why many of us are addicted to these stupid reality TV programs, but that’s okay. Journalists know that it’s the human interest angle. That’s going to draw that audience in. So give them a human interest angle, and it also makes you more human as well and more likable and approachable.
  5. Case studies. So there’s nothing more powerful for the media than telling a story from someone who’s actually experienced it. You can say to a journalist that I have this great business and transform people’s lives. They’re like, yeah, everyone says that, but you know, it’s far better if you can give them a client to talk to or a customer who says, I was in a not very good place, and this service or product helped me, and now I’m here and is a fantastic place. When you think of these sorts of stories, all you need to do is think of the good old weight loss story as a good example. Covid 19 stories are a good case of something that trends prominently for such a long time, even today.

These are Monica Rosenfeld’s tips on how to become a Media Magnet in 5 practical steps. If you would like to connect with Monica, here is her LinkedIn.

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