What We Learned From Dennis Yu – Learn How To Make Videos From Home for Lead Generation

What We Learned From Dennis Yu – Learn How To Make Videos From Home for Lead Generation

Why is learning how to make videos so important for small businesses? When you drive that sale for a small business, it’s because of that personal connection. It’s because of the referral. It’s because the customer sees who you are, and they feel like they identify with you. So think about when you search for a small business online, maybe an Italian restaurant orthodontist or real estate agent, and you see several listings on Google. You see the Google local advertised three-pack. You visit the websites of these people. You look at Yelp, and you look at reviews on Google. You know what they’re doing on Facebook. How do you decide whom you’re going to choose?

It’s the people. 

When you start scrolling through, you want to see somebody you feel connected to that resonates with your values. Sometimes it can just be the branding that attracts you. It’s something that makes them stand out from everybody else. No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of trust. You want to get people to know, like, and trust you. The best way to do that is video content. 

Get Ahead of the Pack.

Having video puts you ahead of the pack, especially on google searches. If you are a chiropractor in Sydney, Australia, and you are competing with five other practices in your area, and they have only images, and you have video. The customer will get a chance to connect with you first because they will see you and hear you and relate to you on a deeper level than just the typical stock image. When creating a video, think of your audience, think of your customer, having a video promoting your service or product gives the impression of approachability and transparency. You put a face, voice and soul to your business. You personalise it and create a connection with your audience and potential customers.

Consistent Creation.

Create those quarantine videos of how your business survived and hopefully thrived during those times because that is what your audience currently relates to. Spending a fortune on professional production is a thing of the past, and social media is here to stay. Businesses are using social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to connect more with their audience because that is where most of us are now. Adapting to this media also means you are putting yourself out there, which can be intimidating at first. Still, through consistency and learning from trial and error, you can begin to build an audience with your customer’s and have an authenticity that will put you above those businesses that shy away from it. Learning what is popular and adopting and adapting other people’s ideas will also guide you on how to make your videos.

Begin with Something Small. 

Use your phone and film 15-second clips, highlighting some of the aspects of your business. These videos can be of your products and services, highlighting your staff, customers and work culture, problems your business solves and how your business practice may have adapted during Covid in small ways. Be creative, be relevant and don’t be afraid to be candid. Authenticity is key to creating content for your business. People relate to coffee Mondays, Friday’s weekend plans and the triumph of excellent customer service or the shininess of new products or work equipment. 

Start Today.

Be consistent and engage with people on your video posts, as this may be the first time they have interacted with your business. Think of it as if this person has stepped into your virtual business storefront for the first time. What will they see, hear and focus on about your business? What impression do you want to give and the audience watching (but not necessarily posting) will have of how you do business? Once you learn how to make videos from home for lead generation you are already ahead of the game. Think of it as an everyday experience and share with your audience and potential new customers what makes your business great. Check out our other blog Defining Your Audience to help refine your Social Media approach once you get started.

Dennis Yu is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults. Dennis Yu at LinkedIn

Dennis’s program centers around mentorship, helping students grow their expertise to manage social campaigns for enterprise clients like the Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

He’s an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and has spoken in 17 countries, spanning 5 continents, including keynotes at L2E, Gultaggen, and Marketo Summit.

Dennis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, CNN, Fox News, and CBS Evening News.

Check out the full conversation here.

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