Planning For the Digital Marketing Career You Want

Planning For the Digital Marketing Career You Want

“The role of digital marketing has far exceeded what it used to be ten years ago. It’s worth understanding that it’s ever-evolving; new people to the industry need to have an attitude that they will NEVER stop learning.” – Ming Johanson, CEO – Marketing Jumpstart.

Digital marketers are in higher demand than ever right now, so how can you plan the digital marketing career you want? Whether you’re brand new to the industry or a seasoned professional, there’s never been a better time to look at what YOU want out of your digital marketing career.  

During the Covid-19 period, digital marketing has become more necessary, and more sought after, than ever before and overtaken many of the spaces formerly reserved for more traditional advertising. Unpredictable shutdowns and a shift in the way businesses plan for the future has meant an enormous upswing in demand for the kind of out-of-the-box thinking digital marketing is famous for.

Where to start

What all digital marketing career paths have in common is constant learning. The digital space moves faster than business owners can keep up with, and it’s the job of their marketing expert to know what’s changing and how it’s going to affect them. You’re going to need a growth mindset to stay competitive in this space. Whether that means a degree, online learning, or finding an industry mentor, commitment to lifelong learning is a must.

Know what you want

Before you decide on a particular arm of the marketing space, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for in a job. Is a clear career path vital to you? Would you prefer to work from home, or do you need an office environment to bring out your best? Is there a particular dollar amount you need to make ends meet? Do you need a boss who will push you, or do you do your best work when left alone? Do you want to work with a company that prioritises ethics? You may not get all these things right away, but it’s important to know what you value in your work so you can move towards those things. If you’re already in a digital marketing job, ask yourself, does my current role fulfil my values? What parts do and what factors don’t?

Skillsets & Specialisations

The digital marketing toolkit includes, but is not limited to:

Google and social media advertising

Basic website builds

Data analytics


Content creation and strategy

Email marketing

UX and customer experience

Social media strategy and implementation

Creating and optimising sales funnels

Most digital marketers will have knowledge covering several different things. For example, your strengths might be content marketing, SEO, email marketing, website builds, and social media. Check out some of the job ads in this space to see what kinds of things employers are looking for right now.

If in doubt, it never hurts to be a good allrounder; someone can work in many different spaces and upskill as needed for a particular project. Whatever else you do, you’ll need to be across analytics and project management skills, as they are required as a part of every kind of work in the digital marketing space.

Qualifications & Experience

Some organisations will require you to have a degree in marketing or PR, but others look for experience and results. If you’re already working in the digital marketing space, organise your portfolio to show you in the best light. If you’re new to the industry, build your portfolio by taking on projects with friends, volunteering to help a community organisation you care about or set up some work experience with the kind of organisation you’re looking to work with. Your goal is to show future employers what you can do, keep records of your successes or even failures you’ve learned something from, to help show how you can fit into their team. Building your portfolio into a website can also be a great way to show off your skills.

There’s always something new out there in the digital marketing industry. New social platforms, new tools, and new challenges all require agile marketers committed to lifelong learning. The opportunities created for those in the industry are endless and could be just the right fit for you.

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