Social Media Marketing Summit

Keeping you Ahead of the Fast Paced World of Social Media

One thing we all know sure, is that social media is constantly evolving. Even the most seasoned marketer needs to continually educate and learn the latest strategies and tactics in social media marketing. 

The Social Media Marketing Summit is this year’s must attend event for anyone who is involved with social media marketing and gives you the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the brightest social media marketers in the industry.

Whether your are a social media marketer, entrepreneur or small business owner, the Social Media Marketing Summit will help you to harness the power of social media and build a strong social media strategy for 2020.

This year’s topics include 

  • Social Media trends for 2020
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Messenger Marketing
  • Corporate Social Media Strategy
  • AI and Voice
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Crisis Management
  • Social Media Listening
  • Millennial Marketing
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Chatbot Strategy
  • Live Video
  • LinkedIn Marketing


Agenda for 2021 Social Media Marketing Summit will be released shortly.

Who Should Attend This Summit?

  • Understand the future of social media marketing and know the trends for 2021 to be able to prepare an effective social media strategy for your organisation
  • How to Combat the Dramatic Decline in Social Reach
  • Be able to hear how other organisations are measuring ROI and tying social to business goals
  • Ideas of how you can secure budget and resources for social
  • Connect with other social media professionals and social media thought leaders to exchange ideas and network
  • Be able to understand the latest trends in social media marketing
  • Be able to be prepared for when a Social Media Crisis hits and know how to respond in a timely manner
  • Discover social media marketing strategies to accelerate the growth of your brand
  • Get proven advice on how to grow your tribe of followers and turn them into buyers
  • Learn how to build an effective influencer marketing strategy to fast track your sales
  • Be able to hear from other businesses owners who have successfully harnessed social media marketing to achieve success

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