Social Media News For May

Social Media News For May

Here are just some of the top Social Media News For May 2021.

In Google news, significant shifts caused by the global pandemic have caused various changes in online shopping behaviours, so it can be challenging for marketers to keep up with the changes in their niche and optimise their campaigns accordingly. Google is adding new emerging trend insights within Google Ads to help with this. Based on Google search activity, which can alert marketers to relevant shopping and discovery changes in their sector, this will enable them to update their ad strategy according to demand.

Trend charts will highlight rising search interests in your industries field, along with additional details of more specific elements, which could help you capitalise on the latest opportunities.

“This means that every time our algorithms detect an opportunity to improve a campaign, brands can implement these recommendations instantly, enabling them to be fast and helpful for their consumers and save time.” Matt Brittin President, Google Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Google suggests to get the most out of the Insights page, consider these best practices: 

  • Review keyword, budget and bidding strategy recommendations to optimise your account for emerging trends. 
  • Use broad match and Smart Bidding to help reach the right customers at the correct value.
  • Use Keyword Planner for keyword ideas based on the emerging trends in your account.
  • Plan inventory, promotions, and landing pages based on trending search interest.

In Facebook news, they have recently published the latest episode in its ‘Social Skills’ series. The aim is to provide expert insights to help social media marketers improve their approach and maximise their results.

The latest episode features Katie Marylander, the Director of Global Social Marketing for GoPro. Marylander manages its social strategy, which includes oversight across more than 70 regional accounts and a vast global audience.

Marylander provides three critical tips for a practical social media strategic approach:

1. Maintain a regular posting schedule

A key element of GoPro’s approach, Marylander says, has been consistency:

“Publishing with a regular cadence can keep your community engaged, which helps the algorithm keep your content levelling to the top of people’s feeds. And then the more often they’re engaging with it, the more often it’s at the top of theirs.”

2. Establish clear goals

Another practical social strategy element aligns your efforts to a defined goal, which you can then measure your performance metrics against.

Marylander notes that UGC plays a significant role in GoPro’s approach.

“At GoPro, UGC drives our strategy. It’s where most of our content comes from and can be anything that a user captures authentically that we didn’t pay for or produce ourselves. Our followers can take our product and capture the content that they want.”

3. Understand the impact of varied approaches

GoPro also looks to measure each content type based on the interactions it sees, rather than using a blanket approach to engagement across all formats.

For example, still-image posts may get more comments, while videos get more views.

“We have a theory that you get one action out of a consumer. So the one action might be a view, it might be a comment, it might be alike. If you post a video and you’re like, ‘I only got 50 likes,’ you might’ve gotten 500 views, and we’re still going to count that because that counts as the action that they engaged with you.”

Facebook’s Social Skills videos have value whether you are new or an old hat to social media; as we all know, social media evolves and grows at an increasing pace. It is always good to keep up with the changes or have a good reminder of things we know.

In TikTok news, they plan to launch a range of new eCommerce focused ad offerings as it seeks to maximise its revenue potential, according to new insights from a leaked pitch deck submitted to various advertisers in the US. Business Insider reported that TikTok is looking to add a range of unique, in-stream shopping tools as it continues to explore its eCommerce potential. 

The first new option is ‘Collection Ads’, which will enable brands to combine their product catalogue listings and branded videos to guide users to relevant products from their video clips. It’s similar to YouTube’s product listings on videos, helping to drive direct response. TikTok’s also looking to add ‘Dynamic Product Ads’, which will automatically retarget users with relevant products according to their activities in the advertisers’ apps and websites.​

Younger audiences also significantly impact spending, even if indirectly, which is why these new eCommerce integrations are critical and will play such a vital role in the app’s future development.

They’ll also enable TikTok to create better revenue-share opportunities to ensure its top creators get paid. Given this, it’s no surprise to see TikTok making this a key area of focus, and it could well be worth considering how these options might fit into your digital marketing approach.

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