Social Media Stories – Nicole Redfern

Social Media Stories – Nicole Redfern

 This week we meet the amazing Nicole Redfern, Head of Social Media and Content, Wotif Group at Expedia Group Nicole and the team from Wotif won Best Corporate Social Media Team at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards
How did you get started in social media?
I was in the right place at the right time. When I joined Wotif Group 10 years ago, social media wasn’t even a job! My background is in public relations and I originally managed the PR activity for our brand. I showed an interest in the social space and when our Marketing Manager left, the social part of her role became part of mine which was a career gamechanger. A dedicated Social Media Team was formed to oversee both our brands – Wotif and – and I’ve been fortunate enough to lead it from the get-go. Being able to evolve and grow within a company you love is a huge gift and I’m grateful Wotif Group has given me that opportunity. It’s been quite a journey! 

What do you love most about social media?
No two days are the same. As an online business, social media is arguably one of the most human channels we have to convey our brand personalities and build a connection with Aussie travel lovers every single day. What really excites me though is joining forces with our other teams. Our joint public relations and social media-led ‘Next Big Thing’ and ‘Festival of Wot’ campaigns, for example, saw us build and deliver a real-life tourist attraction, the Big Melon to the deserving Queensland town of Chinchilla in 2018 and throw a Festival of Snags in the NSW town of Mudgee in 2019, breaking social media records along the way. That license to do things differently and make a meaningful impact to not only our business but also regional Australian communities is super rewarding. 

Who is your biggest influence?
Absolutely the people I work with. Good people attract good people and there’s something about the Wotif team culture that is, and always has been, very special. Spread across our Sydney and Brisbane offices, they’re a super passionate, intelligent and creative bunch who work incredibly hard but have a lot of fun along the way. We have a team mantra of aiming for work that is ‘Bold, Creative and Meaningful’ and that pushes us to be better. I genuinely look forward to going into work on a Monday morning, and that’s something I’ll never take for granted!

Why did you become a member of SMMI?
The opportunity to connect with the best in the business. Social media is such an evolving space and learning and being inspired by our counterparts is crucial to staying ahead of the game. 

How would your friends describe you?
Probably as always being on holidays 📷 

What do you think is a trend in social media in 2020?
Simplification. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many social channels and opportunities out there in 2020. Brands that take a step back and become laser focused on what consumers want and connect that with their brand promise will reap the benefits. Authentic content is more important than ever and that means quality over quantity. You can connect with Nicole on LinkedIn 

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