The trends that are shaping social media marketing in 2020
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The trends that are shaping social media marketing in 2020

Digital / social media marketers are seen as experts when it comes to, well, all things digital and social media related. Even though the reality is that the only thing we know for sure about social media is that it is constantly changing.

What should social media marketers do differently this 2020? In this article, we’re deep diving into key social media trends that marketers should pay attention to in 2020 together with expert insights.

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Voice and video content — key to marketing to Millennials & Gen Z

The purchasing power of the Millennials and Gen Z is set to surpass all the other generations combined, and their consumption habits are going to influence how brands do marketing.

While social media remains as a top channel of influence for the younger generations, it’s been found that Gen Z consumes a lot more video content.

“As video and live streaming content continue to dominate the social media space, more brands are embracing video to customise their services to their audiences and communities,” says Ai Addyson-Zhang, Ph.D., Founder at Classroom Without Walls.

Likewise, it is becoming more critical that our content becomes optimised for voice search. The rise of voice technology signals the need to adapt your SEO strategy.

“The way we speak versus the way we write are inherently different. We will need to write more conversationally in our posts.”

“If we want our content to be found by voice search, we need to communicate in a way that optimises for this type of search,” explains Mireille Ryan, CEO at Social Media Marketing Institute.

According to the Social media trends 2020 eBook by Talkwalker, Millennials and Gen Z are tech savvy generations that demand innovation, brand purpose and transparency. Regardless of whether marketers’ opt to focus more on a video strategy or optimising content for voice search, the key to winning engagement is to first understand your audience and be prepared to pivot your strategy whenever necessary.

Consumers put more value on social media wellness

While social media usage in Australia is still growing, there’s also a subset of the population that’s consciously trying to lessen the time that’s being spent online.

“Techniques for self-care and digital detoxes are set to become more common within workplaces that have a focus on employee health and well-being, including within the education sector. It is a duty of care when preparing our future social media professionals,” says Dr. Karen Sutherland, Social Media Educator, Author and Researcher, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

According to the eBook, the hashtag #DigitalDetox is highly associated with “joy”, as people learn to better manage their time spent on social media.

Adds Ming Johanson, Mother of Unicorns & Social Nerd: “It’s no surprise to subsequently see us not only become more conscious about the time they spend online but actively seek out periods of disconnect for the sake of mental health and for the focused management of online outrage fatigue. We are becoming more present with our humanity.”

Becoming more personal while embracing data privacy 

Data privacy continues to be a hot topic right now and this doesn’t just apply on social media. It’s noted in the eBook that 39% of the mentions of “data privacy” came from news, broadcast, and blogs in the first half of 2019.

“Thanks to a bunch of different data privacy scandals, social media users worldwide are becoming suspicious of what companies are doing with their private conversations and information. Combine that with a trend towards ‘unplugging’ more often and you have a group of

people who are starting to wonder ‘is what I’m getting out of social media worth what I’m losing to it?” says Julian Frundt, Strategist & Content Writer at FTRGZM

As social media continues to suffer a trust issue, businesses are exposed to the same ‘trust risk’ if their companies don’t have adequate measures to protect consumer data. As consumers become savvier, marketers will have to strive harder to find the right balance between data privacy and personalisation.

One way brands can deal with this is to open up private channels that allow them to connect with their audience. Twitter Video Marketing Specialist Keith Keller notes that

“This is an enormous opportunity for us to invest in managing the messaging components of our social channels better and maybe even investing in new technology options to scale the process for better efficiencies.”

Brands in this age have to embrace digital transformation and learn how to analyse data that’s already available. Not just traditional and social media data but also first-party data. To create more meaningful authentic experiences for customers.

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Christine Aguilar leads digital marketing and communications for Asia Pacific at Talkwalker.

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