Wendy Thompson – Winner of Social Media Marketer of the Year at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards

Wendy Thompson – Winner of Social Media Marketer of the Year at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards

Wendy Thompson was the winner of the Social Media Marketer of the Year category at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards. 

Below is what Wendy had to say about her win: 

“I am escstatic right now. I’ve just won social media marketer of the year 2019 and um, yeah, it’s, I’m still kind of coming to it a little bit to be honest. It’s, um, a real honour. There was an incredible lineup of finalists, social media as such, a particularly tricky, complicated, um, passion really that to do it really well at the level that we like to do it, to be recognised as I suppose the best this year is a huge, huge honour. What’s cool in social media is it’s evolving so fast and we get to really play with it. So I’m just learning about some really interesting social media platforms in Korea at the moment. That’s just cool. Um, my kids are all on TikTok, but now they’re telling me they’re getting a bit bored of it, so it’s just keeping up with what’s happening. So things I’ve done, I’ve set up an online training school for small businesses and worked with big telcos and banks in New Zealand to spread that out to New Zealand business nationwide. 

I’ve, um, launch most of big corporates onto social media, which is, it takes a bit of bravery and yeah, I think I’m just, I like to think that I hold the flag for, you know, always challenging the status quo, never stopped learning, keep running and just keeping that passion in the life. Because the one thing I worry about or the risk in an industry like that is it will get too bogged down in data and results, and everything. We lose the magic. So I want to keep the magic and that’s my commitment to the industry because what I’ve learned to do through being challenged or being told what you’re doing is completely stupid or this isn’t a good idea. I’ve learnt to get really creative and I’ve learned to really trust myself as well as probably the biggest thing. I really trust myself now on and back myself on what I want to do. Cause I know that I know more than anyone else about what I want to do. Cause that’s what I do. “

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