Facebook Announces a Faster, Smaller and Simpler Messenger for iOS
METTINGEN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 9, 2018: Close up to messenger app on the screen of an iPhone X with personalized background

Facebook Announces a Faster, Smaller and Simpler Messenger for iOS

Increasingly Messaging apps have become an important communication channel for people to stay in touch, and Messenger has more than 1 billion people using it each month.  

Messenger was first launched as a standalone app in 2011. Since it’s launch, Facebook has added new features like video chat, camera effects, GIFs and payments.

And with Facebook understanding the need for speed and reliability when having conversations with your family and friends, Facebook has announced that they will be rolling out a faster, smaller and simpler Messenger on iOS over the coming weeks. 

So what are some of the main changes: 

Messenger will load twice as fast (according to internal tests using production data)  and be a quarter of its original size.  Facebook have reduced core Messenger code by 84%, from more than 1.7 million lines to 360 000. 

It will be faster: 

 – A faster start time will make a huge difference to those who open the app many times a day 

It will be smaller: 

 – Being smaller in size is great news as starts, downloads and updates will be faster, including those in areas of low connectivity and who have older devices 

It will be simpler: 

 – Facebook have designed Messenger for a better UX whilst still keeping it rich with features. 

 To learn more about Project Lightspeed, please go to https://engineering.fb.com/data-infrastructure/messenger/

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