How to Write an Award-Winning Entry

How to Write an Award-Winning Entry

Entering awards is a great way to raise your profile, acknowledge your team for all their hard work and to celebrate an amazing year. 

And you’ve got to be in it to win it! 

With the closing date for entries fast approaching (August 24 2020), today we wanted to share some tips with you about how to write an award winning entry. 

Creating a Successful Award Entry 

  1. Enter early –  One of the key issues we see with Awards entries, is that people leave their entry to the last minute.  To craft an award winning entry, you need planning and time. You might need to obtain permissions from clients or gather data to support your entry. Take the time to think about what you need to include. Write it down and then go back a few days later and read it again.  Changes you might need to make will jump out at you when you have fresh eyes. 
  2. Understand the category criteria – Feedback we receive from our judges about some of the entries, is that they didn’t include the key criteria in their award entry. Make sure you download the 2020 Call for Entries booklet and read through what criteria the judges will be evaluating your entry against and include that information in your entry. 
  3. Craft your entry on a Word doc first – I always advise to craft your entry first on a word doc and then copy it across to the Awards portal. That way you can be assured that the entry you have spent time on doesn’t get accidentally lost when you hit save (it has happened to me with another awards program).
  4. Always make sure you quantify your results. Judges like to see actual results achieved from your campaigns.  Make sure you use real numbers  – fact checking is a as part of the Judging process. 
  5. Use storytelling for your entry – Take the judges on a journey.  A good hook can grab the judges attention. 
  6. Harness support material to help with your storytelling – Videos, images, testimonials and graphs can provide a powerful backup to your entry. Just make sure your videos are no longer than 3 minutes. 
  7. Get feedback from someone you trust – Sometimes having fresh eyes to look over your entry can identify areas that need more work and can bring new ideas.  Ask a co-worker, client, mentor or friend to read through your entry to give you some feedback. 
  8. Review your entry before submitting it – you can start your entry and can review it right up until the closing date. Check your facts and figures, that you have the appropriate supporting material and that you nail things like spelling before you hit submit. 
  9. Enjoy the process – sometimes we can stress ourselves out when it comes to entering awards but this is a time to relax and celebrate all the amazing work that you and your team have done.  

Entering it a great way to gain exposure for yourself or your business.  Even a nominees badge can make that difference when a potential client is deciding about whom to go with.  

So make sure you start the process today. 

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