Nick Myers – Social Media Role Model.

Nick Myers – Social Media Role Model.

Nick Myers is the Founder & CEO of RedFox AI. Nick is a TEDx and International Keynote Speaker having spoken around the world about Artificial Intelligence and voice technology. Nick has been featured in publications such as PR Daily, In Business Magazine, and the Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing. Nick took the time out of his busy schedule for a chat about his experience with social media in growing his business.

1) Why did you choose social media for your career?

Even though working in social media is not currently my full-time career, it has undoubtedly helped me build my brand and grow my startup, RedFox AI, incredibly quickly. With my marketing and communications background, it was straightforward for me to effectively leverage various social media tools to connect with my core audiences and grow my credibility as a speaker on AI, Voice, and the future of work. To this day, I still very much focus on growing my brand on social media and am continuing to invest heavily in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to develop RedFox AI.

2) What inspires you most about working in social media?

What has always inspired me about social media is the ability to connect with anyone worldwide and form meaningful and long-lasting relationships with people whom otherwise I would never be able to reach. Because of social media, I have developed some incredible friendships with people in Australia, the UK, Thailand, and Germany, to name just a few. I am still amazed by how accessible people are these days and how many open people connect offline via video chat from a simple DM on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

3) Who is a role model or example to you in the Social Media Industry?

Miri Rodriguez from Microsoft has been someone I have always admired in the social media industry since we first met back in 2017 at an event I attend in my hometown Madison, WI, USA. She is active on every platform and knows precisely how to use each one appropriately to communicate her brand and positions her expertise in brand storytelling effectively to connect with others on a deeper level. Miri was even a mentor of mine for quite some time and helped to teach me how to create and effectively communicate my brand on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. To this day, I still look up to her as a role model in the social media industry for everything she has accomplished and how she used social media to her advantage to build her brand that has impacted thousands of people around the world.

4) What excites you most about the future of social media?

I think A LOT is going to change for social media over the next 5-10 years. Platforms will change, rules and regulations are going to change, and new social media platforms will be born that usher in something entirely new. We can already see this happening with the arrival of Clubhouse in late 2020 and how much growth the platform has seen even in just the first part of 2021. I am excited for social media to move beyond the monetization models that rely on users as the sole product and instead focus on innovating and developing better ways for people to connect outside of just getting them onto the platforms to serve the advertisements. I also think that we have only barely scratched the surface of TikTok, and I believe there is a strong possibility that it may overtake some of the other platforms it offers to users.

5) Why is continually learning important to you?

I have just always been a curious person. For as long as I can remember, when I have been curious about something, I try to learn as much as possible to the point I end up helping to educate others. When I was a child, I was obsessed with ancient history and learning about how things worked. As an adult, I am still inquisitive about these things, which is why I probably why I now work in tech and have such a passion for learning about AI, Voice, and other emerging technologies (I will also admit that I am a bit of a know it all when it comes to WWII). I am a firm believer in the power of asking questions and critically thinking, as these two things have always led to discoveries throughout our entire history as a species. The moment we stop questioning and critically thinking will be when we stop learning and growing as a society. ALWAYS try and learn something new every day and NEVER assume that you are the smartest person in the room. There is still something to learn from someone else.

6) What advice would you give to someone getting started in social media?

Land and expand. A lot of new social media professionals I find try to bite off more than they can chew. Although it may seem like you or your brand have to be present on every single platform right away couldn’t be farther from the truth. Start small and work your way up. My advice is to always start with two platforms, perform some A/B testing, and determine if you should stick with your current platforms or if it may be time to invest in another one. It is okay to be a master of just a few platforms when starting in social media. There will always be ample opportunities to grow and experiment with new platforms after having mastered only a few, to begin with.

7) What is it important to be a member of the Social Media Marketing Institute?

Where do I even begin! To say that being a member of SMMI has changed my life for the better would be a gross understatement. What Mireille has been able to build with SMMI has been nothing less than extraordinary. If you are a social media professional being a member of an organization like SMMI, is fundamental to your long-term growth in the social media industry, both professionally and personally. SMMI not only is a central place for you to connect with other industry professionals, but being a member also opens the door for countless educational opportunities that help you to hone your craft and expand your worldview of social media outside of just your state country, or region. Because of SMMI, I am allowed to call myself an “International Keynote Speaker”, and that is something that I will always be grateful for. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you reach out to Mireille Ryan, your regional SMMI Ambassador, for more info.

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