Social Media News For April

Social Media News For April

Here are some of the top social media news, stories and topics making the headlines in April.

In spite of Facebook blocking  Australia from sharing and viewing local and international news content there has been some good news. Shopify has expanded their offerings to Facebook and Instagram. Shopify’s Shop Pay, a fast and secure payment system, now integrates with Facebook and Instagram to allow users to make payments when buying within Facebook and Instagram Shops. 

As explained by Shopify, “We’re expanding Shop Pay – the fastest and most secure way to shop online – to all Shopify merchants selling on Facebook and Instagram. With Shop Pay now available as a fast and secure payment option on Facebook, people also get access to industry-leading order tracking and carbon offsets from their deliveries.” 

This is definitely a significant advancement for not only Facebook’s, but Shopify’s e-commerce growth too and a step in the right direction for both.


TikTok is also making innovative moves in the e-commerce space by launching an ‘education portal’ for sellers called TikTok Shop: Seller University.

TikTok describes the new education platform as “a training hub to help you do business on TikTok. We offer a full suite of lessons on seller tools, policies and the latest updates to the shop. Start to learn and sell big!”. Moreover, TikTok also has an Affiliate program that will enable sellers to collaborate with TikTok creators to promote their products.

In the words of TikTok, “If you choose to sell through Affiliate, you can upload your products to the Seller Center, set your promotion plans, and collaborate with TikTok influencers to promote your products.”


Clubhouse and the attack of the clones are coming with Facebook and Twitter jumping on to the all audio platform. Like any new feature or new trending app expect the bigger social media platforms to either buy it or copy it. Here’s hoping the bigger platforms can sort out the privacy concerns of Clubhouse has run into in the last month with users. As part of the sign-up process, you’re urged to give Clubhouse access to your phone’s contacts, so you can connect with other users of the social network.

However, it seems Clubhouse is using that information to build profiles of people who aren’t yet members. The screen shows various contacts that Clubhouse is urging to invite to join, listed in order of the number of friends they already have on Clubhouse.

Clearly, as these people are yet to join the network, Clubhouse is using their mobile phone number to check how many times they appear in the contacts of other Clubhouse members. Even if you’ve no interest in joining Clubhouse whatsoever, the service may well know your name, mobile number and how many friends you have on the network.

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